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November 7, 2019

Dear Citizen,

     It has been an honor to serve you as your Butte County Supervisor these past seven years.  Many citizens comment that I am the first Supervisor who makes an effort to engage the public, through Town Halls and being very active in community events.  Key issues I hear regarding our County are balanced budgets, public safety and vital services, water rights and resource protection.  My goals:

Priority #1 = Public Safety

     As a past forest firefighter, I know that fire suppression requires quick response from manned stations.  I will continue to work together with the Sheriff and other Supervisors to improve vital services such as fire, sheriff and emergency management.  I championed the installation of a fire camera at Sawmill Peak offering 24/7 coverage of our ridge.

Priority #2 = Fiscally Conservative Budget

      My grandparents, who as young adults survived the great depression, instilled their belief into me that one should not spend more than they earn.  As a small business owner and licensed provider of financial management services, I understand the need for balanced budgets and workplace efficiency.  I will be a good steward of your tax dollars.  I have and will continue to vote only for balanced budgets.

      In addition, I will continue to advocate for policies that protect our agricultural lands, guard our water resources, improve our local economy and preserve access to our public forests.

       Public safety professionals have endorsed my campaign to continue being your 5th District Supervisor.  


Doug Teeter


March 3, 2020 - Vote Teeter for Supervisor!


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